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Reverse phase SPE Columns


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CNWBOND HC-C18 is the traditional matrix for reversed-phase chromatography. It is widely used as the most hydrophobic silica-based sorbent for nonpolar compounds. Considered as the least selective phase since it retains most organic analytes from aqueous matrices, offer a benefit when the compounds of interest vary widely in structure. C18 can also be utilized for desalting aqueous matrices prior to ion exchange because salts pass through it without retained. The high loading of HC-C18 provides the highest degree of hydrophobicity which increases binding capacities and higher recoveries, higher carbon loading also offer greater resistance to extreme pH conditions. C18 is utilized for cleaning, extracting and concentrating pollutants from aqueous environmental samples, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides from waste material, foods and beverages, typically drugs and metabolites from physiological fluids.