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CNW guard column
  • CNW guard column
  • CNW guard column

CNW guard column

Longer column life, higher column efficiency
Description Application Ordering
• Protect analytical column, extend column life
• Easy to use
• Cartridges can be purchased separately, affordable

Why use guard column?
Using CNW guard column can protect analytical column from contamination by sample and solvent residue and extend column life.

Will use of guard columns affect analysis result?
In HPLC system, use of CNW guard column will not affect analysis results. As shown in the figure, resolution and peak shape are not affected by increased guard column. The impact of 4mm ID guard column on pressure is only 50 psi.

When to replace guard column?
Guard column is used to prevent contamination of column, so when the cartridges have been blocked by pollution, change a new one to avoid damage to analytical column.

We advise you replace guard cartridges periodically according to the properties of sample and the frequency of column use. When system pressure increases and peak shape become poor, check especially whether the problem is raised by guard column contamination. If true replace it in time.