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Capillary columns

Capillary columns

High performance capillary columns
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About Capillary column

The basic capillary column composed of two parts: the tubing and the stationary phase in general there are two kinds of tubings - quartz (Tube coated with polyimide) and stainless steel.

A variety of stationary phase. Most of the polymer molecular weight, good thermal stability, The polymer is a liquid or gel. This type of stationary phase and the most commonly used which called polysiloxane (sometimes known as silicone), and polyethylene glycol. There is another commonly used
stationary phase is small porous particles - the polymer and the zeolite (for example: alumina, molecular sieves).

Column selection is based on five primary factors: sample, stationary phase type, column ID and stationary phase film thickness (which are interrelated), and column length.