ANPEL DC series Nitrogen Evaporators
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ANPEL DC series Nitrogen Evaporators

ANPEL DC series Nitrogen Evaporators
The DC series Nitrogen Evaporators include 12 positions, 24 positions and ordinary 6 positions products.
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Description Components Cat.No.
Description 12 positions NE with water bath 24 position NE with water bath 12 positions NE with Aluminum Sand bath Simply 6 position NE
Instrument Dimensions Φ 330mm × 840mm Φ 430mm × 930mm Φ 330mm × 890mm 185 × 38 × 120mm
Diameter of the container 10-29mm 10-29mm 10-29mm used on small capacity test tube or vials
Gas flow rate 2~16L/min 2~16L/min 2~16L/min N/A
Heating device Dimensions Φ 330mm × 220mm Φ 430mm × 220mm Φ 330mm × 220mm
Heating device Maximum power 500W 1000W 650W
Temperature control range RT+5-90 RT+5-90 RT+5-80
Temperature control accuracy ± 2 ± 2 ± 2
Heating device material stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Catalogue Number Description
EFAA-DC12-B Micro Self-priming Pumps
EFAA-DC12U-12 Pasteur interface used in DC series Nitrogen Evaporators, 12 pcs / bag
EFAA-DC12N-NEEDLE Stainless steel needles used in DC series Nitrogen Evaportors, 12 pcs / bag
SGCR- 4-100-150-250 Pasteur pipets(UHU), 250 pcs / box
EFCG-081113 2mL Sample vials Base (used in DC12, DC24 Nitrogen Evaportors)